Alivex, offers digital services to event organisers, with which they can easily manage their events. To users, Alivex offers web/mobile platforms in which they can safely register, make payments and explore sport events in different locations.
Billing at the end of the registration is at organisers’ responsibility. If they do not reach out to you within 7 workdays you can remind your events organiser by contacting.
After you login, you can update your information from “My Profile” section, which is in the top right corner of your screen. For adjustments in the event registration form, you can contact us from “[email protected]”.
In Alivex, all tickets are arranged for the person who registered. But don’t worry, your friends’ registrations will take place in participator list, just like your’s.
In events that take place in Alivex, cancellation/refund processes are determined with associated organiser’s intuitive and can be different for every single event. You can forward your refund/cancellation wish to related event’s organiser. After organiser’s confirmation, refund fee will be deposited to your credit card that you made the payment in 3 to 5 workdays.
After you’ve filled the event registration form, in payment page, click the “Coupon Code” button and click “Apply” after you type in your discount code. Your personal discount will be reflected to your registration fee immediately.

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