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Are you ready to run toward the sky? A completely different running experience awaits you in the magnificent atmosphere of Mount Erciyes! Choose the one that suits you from 64K, 45K, 25K, 12K categories; Run towards the clouds in Erciyes on July 8th! You can find the category details of the SkyErciyes Ultra Trail, one of the highest altitude marathons in Europe, below: 64K Erciyes Ultra Skytrail 64km- 3000m+ Are you ready to travel all over the magnificent Erciyes Mountain with wild  horses on this track, most of which will pass on difficult rocky terrain? Time limit 15 hours 5 checkpoints 3 ITRA® and UTMB® points utmb-itra-2023 45K Trail Run 45km-1432m+ A tough journey to the unknown face of Erciyes, all over 2000m altitude! Time limit 12 hours 3 checkpoints ITRA®? and UTMB®? score utmb-itra-2023 Hacılar Kapı – Tekir Kapı 25K Trail Run 24km- 1432m+ A tough journey to the unknown face of Erciyes, all passing over 2000m altitude! Time limit 6.5 hours 1 checkpoint 1 ITRA® and UTMB® score utmb-itra-2023 Hacılar Kapı – Tekir Kapı12K Trail It is a 12 km long mountain trail run on the eastern skirt of Erciyes with 730 m+ altitude gain.

1. General InformationErciyes Ultra Sky Trail is a trail run that takes places along the hills and valleys of the Erciyes Volcano in Kayseri . The distance is about 64 km with an elevation gain of 3000 m.+ The race starts on July 8, 2023 at 05:30 in Erciyes Mountain Ski Resort on Tekir Plateau and ends at Tekir Pond. Participants should finish the route under 15 hours in a semi-sufficient way, i.e. they should carry equipment that is necessary to ensure the safety of their run for possible weather conditions.2. ParticipationThe event is open to anyone aged 18 and over who are in possession of either (a) a valid medical certificate or (b) a valid license issued by a related sports federation which does not expire before July 8, 2023 and indicates that the person can participate to long distance runs. These documents will be checked by the organization before the race. Participants are advised to be experienced about running on the paths and mountainous terrain.3. Registrationa) Registration procedureOnly registered runners can participate to the event. Registration will only be available online at Deadline for registration is June 30, 2023 or when the maximum number of 200 participants have registered. Organization has the right to register additional runners under certain conditions A registration cannot be transferred, and organization will not allow another person to run on behalf of a registered participant. b) Registration feeThe registration fee is 40 Euros until April 1, 2023, 50 euros between April 2-June 30, 2023. For participants who register after April 2, 2023 the registration fee is paid at registration time (or within 3 days for bank transfer). For participants who have registered before that date, the registration fee can be paid by one of the methods listed on the web site until June 30, 2023. The amount of the registration fee is based on the payment date. After April 1, 2023 the fee will be increased automatically. Registrations which are not paid until June 30, 2023 will be cancelled. Only registrations with full payment will be taken into consideration for the maximum participant limit. For the final participant list, priority will be given to registrations that have completed the payment process over registrations that pre-date these but are unpaid. Organization has the right to reduce this fee under certain conditions. Registration fee includes: Airport transfer before and after the race from/to Kayseri bus station, from/to Erciyes Mountain Ski ResortRace bibTimingRace t-shirtAssistance and refreshments along the routePasta party before the raceRefreshments after the raceFinisher medal for participants who successfully completed the racec) CancellationRegistration fee will be refunded entirely within a month if a registration is cancelled before April 10, 2023. There won’t be any refunds after this date. No refund of the registration fee will be made should the race be cancelled or interrupted due to reasons beyond the control of the organization, such as bad weather conditions. In the condition of cancellation due to health problems, registration fee will be refunded just only by producing a detailed health report.

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